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Elder Michael Gowens' 9/24/17 sermon focuses on the promise of Divine Guidance. From the text in Psalm 32:8, Gowens discusses God's willingness and readiness to guide, the importance of praying for guidance, and the principles for discovering and determining the guidance of God in our lives. 
Length 43 mins
Pastor Michael Gowens takes his text from Matthew 18:1-6 in this 9/17/17 sermon. He highlights several traits indigenous to little children that are also essential in the lives of those who seek to be authentic disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you need to be converted in any of these areas?
Length 48 mins
Elder Mike Gowens' 9/10/17 message looks at Psalm 37:4: "Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thy heart." This precious promise encourages God's children living in a world of tension and disappointment to make the Lord their chief object of delight. In Him, there is ample cause for delight. Have you learned to find great pleasure in the Savior?
Length 50 mins
The Life & Times of Elijah
IThe 9/3/17 sermon by Elder Michael Gowens looks at Romans 12:1, the beginning of the application section of this rich epistle: "I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you offer your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." Gowens takes the three clauses of the verse to discuss the Motivation, the Meaning, and the Mindset of Christian Ethics. 
Length 47 mins
In the 8/27/17 message, Elder Mike Gowens  looks at the biographical sketch of the prophet Elijah recorded in 1 Kings 17, 18, & 19. This intriguing Old Testament prophet was "a man of like passions" as us. Gowens applies that principle to three particular stages in the prophet's life: Cherith, Carmel, and the Cave. At these three venues, Elijah learned that God is faithful when His servants are alone, when they must stand alone, and when they sometimes feel alone.
Length 49 mins
Pastor Mike Gowens looked at Hosea 14:8 as his text for the Sunday morning sermon, 8/20/17: "Ephraim shall say, What have I to do any more with idols?" In the course of this message, Gowens considers several Biblical examples that serve to illustrate just how foolish and absurd it is when people substitute an idol in the place of the only true and living God.
Length 53 mins
On Sunday 8/13/17, Elder Michael Gowens took Psalm 12:1 as his text: "Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth and the faithful fail among the children of men." What a blessing it is to receive help from other people as we journey through this life! But what is a Christian to do when, as a familiar hymn puts it, "creature-helps all flee"? Gowens discusses five Divine helps on which we may rely when creature-helps fail us.
Length 49 mins
Pastor Mike Gowens' 8/6/17 sermon focuses on Colossians 3:15: "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts." He devotes the first portion of the message to a discussion of the position of priority Paul gives to the Christian's "heart" in this great chapter. Then he expounds the text by focusing on three key words: Let,Peace, and Rule. In a world of conflict, tension and disharmony, the Christian is to be governed by God's peace in his heart, a dynamic that will necessarily spill over into his relationships.
Length 45 mins
Guest minister Elder Sam Bryant closed the Saturday (7/29/17) worship services during our 5th Weekend Meeting with a moving message based on Ephesians 5:1-2. If Christian people could keep in memory the principle taught in this passage, "then love in every heart would reign and war would cease to roar." In a world of interpersonal conflict, relational tension, and broken fellowship, the need is great that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ be a place of love.
Length 26 mins
Elder David Cothren of Holly Pond, Alabama, preached first during the Saturday evening service, 7/29/17, of our 5th Weekend Meeting. He took his text from Acts 17, commenting on how the Athenians perpetually sought to hear "new things." In contrast, Paul told Timothy that during those times when people thirst for something new, novel and sensational, he should "continue in the things he has learned." 
Length 28 mins
On Saturday afternoon (7/29/17) of our 5th Weekend Meeting, guest minister Elder Samuel Bryant looked at several things the Bible tells us to "consider." His text for the message was taken from 2 Timothy 2:7. He concluded his message by urging us to consider the Christ of Calvary and the great gift of eternal life he bestowed on his elect people. 
Length 39 mins
On Friday evening, 7/28/17, visiting minister Elder Sam Bryant (Birmingham, AL) began our 5th Weekend Meeting by looking at an intriguing comment in Philippians 2:12. The apostle Paul commended this church for their obedience "not only in his presence, but much more in his absence." Elder Bryant traces the reason for their obedience, even when Paul was not there to hold them accountable, to the fact that the Philippian believers lived with a conscious awareness of God's presence and reality.
Length 33 mins
Called by God
The 7/23/17 sermon from Pastor Michael Gowens focuses on the narrative in 1 Kings 10 concerning the Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon. Gowens takes his text from Matthew 12:42 and shows that King Jesus surpasses Solomon in terms of peace, wisdom, personal character, building projects, wealth, love for his bride, the happiness of his servants, and the honor and effort due Him.
Length 48 mins
Pastor Gowens' 7/16/17 sermon is taken from Romans 1. He highlights Paul's emphasis on the concept of "Divine Calling" and proceeds to discuss three categories in which this subject may be defined: (1) The Effectual Call; (2) The Gospel Call; (3) The Call to the Ministry. The call of God is not a vague, nebulous invitation, but a Divine summons and directive. In one sense, every child of God hears and responds to God's call. In the other two categories of God's call, the child of God is responsible for hearing and heeding it. Listen today and find help to "rightly divide" this important subject.
Length 52 mins
Elder Mike Gowens took his text from Philippians 1:6 on Sunday morning, 7/9/17. This text teaches that the God who begins the good work of eternal life in one of His elect will never abandon that child, but will complete the work He began. Simply stated, Philippians 1:6 is one passage among many in Scripture that affirms the great doctrine of Eternal Security, or, as Pastor Gowens terms it, the Divine Preservation of the Saints. 
Length 46 mins
On Sunday morning, 6/25/17, visiting Elder Chris McCool concluded our Communion Weekend meeting with an exposition of Isaiah 55. This wonderful chapter foreshadows numerous characteristics and virtues of the church our Lord established in the world, as well as the benefits of participation in it. Elder McCool urges us to press into that kingdom in order to enjoy the spiritual blessings that may only be found in the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Length 44 mins
During the Saturday evening (6/24/17) service of our Communion Meeting, guest minister Elder Chris McCool looked at the story of Jesus' visit to the house of Simon Peter in Capernaum as recorded in Mark 2. From that inspired narrative, Elder McCool drew several lessons of the kinds of things we may expect when Jesus is in the house. Here is the great need of the hour for the Church, i.e. the manifest presence of the Lord in our midst.
Length 43 mins
On Father's Day 2017 (6/18/17), Elder Michael Gowens looked at Proverbs 20:7 as the text for his sermon on the generational impact of a godly father: "The just man walketh in his integrity and his children are blessed after him." Fathers who are absent, whether physically, emotionally, or educationally, produce children who are lost and cannot find their way. Of the many responsibilities a man may have in life, none is more important than to bring up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Length 43 mins
In this 6/11/17 message, Pastor Michael Gowens considers what is perhaps the most crucial precondition for acceptable prayer - praying in faith. Two passages from the general epistle of James form the basis of this study: James 1:5-6 and James 5:13-15. The prayer of faith is not a matter of simple positive thinking or "naming and claiming" a blessing, but of confidence in God's approachability, goodness, love and power. It is also a prayer that acqueisces to His sovereign will, knowing that His way is always best.
Length 44 mins
Nuggets of gospel truth may be discovered throughout the Old Testament. Elder Mike Gowens finds one such gospel nugget in the narrative of 2 Samuel 14 - the story of Absalom's revolt against the throne of his father and David's incentive to bring him home again from exile. The text for this 6/4/17 sermon is 2 Samuel 14:14.
Length 41 mins
The May 26, 2017 sermon by Elder Michael Gowens was taken from the narrative in Acts 9:36-42. In the church at Joppa, an obscure female disciple named Dorcas lived a life of sincere devotion to Christ by means of quiet service to others. Upon her sudden and unexpected demise, the widows and saints gathered to remember her by showcasing the many crafts in their possession from her hand, mourning the passing of this greatly beloved Christian woman. From this narrative, Elder Gowens draws multiple lessons concerning authentic Christian discipleship for believers today.
Length 48 mins
In this May 7, 2017 message, Elder Mike Gowens looks at Hebrews 4:16 and the encouragement believers are given to seek the Lord in prayer. Joseph Scriven, author of the beloved hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," talked about the great "privilege" given to us "to carry everything to God in prayer." There is, indeed, no greater privilege to sinful mortals than to commune with the Father by means of the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to this sermon and be challenged to a greater diligence and consistency in your prayer-life.
Length 48 mins
On May 21, 2017, Michael Gowens took his text from Hebrews 10:38: "Now the just shall live by faith..." This important sentence defines a different kind of lifestyle for God's people than that which is popular in the world around us. We must be people who continue to follow God's word and trust God's promises even though feelings within, circumstances around, and consequences ahead argue against us. Soon, the Lord Jesus will return to judge the wicked and gather his own to himself. Until then, the just shall live by faith.
Length 41 mins
Popular culture is sadly confused about gender distinctions and what constitutes genuine masculinity and femininity. In this May 14, 2017 sermon from Proverbs 31, Pastor Gowens reminds us of God's ideal for women, and challenges the popular feminist paradigm that urges women to declare independence from a husband and family. This study considers three primary features of the "virtuous woman": (1) Her Principle Virtue; (2) Her Primary Orientation; (3) Her Pricelss Reward. 
Length 50 mins
Keep in Step with the Spirit
The Three Marys at the Cross (Part 2)
On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Elder Mike Gowens took his text from Job 19:23-27, "Oh, that my words were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock forever..." In the face of deterioriating health and a life that had been turned upside-down, Job found comfort in three permanent facts: (1) He had a Living Redeemer; (2) He awaited a bodily resurrection; (3) He would personally see God in heavenly bliss. We too, in the face of life's losses and crosses, may discover real consolation and encouragement when we focus on these rock-solid, granite truths.
Length 50 mins
In this 4/23/17 sermon, Elder Mike Gowens looks at Galatians 5:16-25, focusing on the imperative, "Walk in the Spirit." This is a military metaphor that suggests the image of soldiers marching in a row. It means, literally, "keep in step; go in order; march in time." Pastor Gowens encouarages us to ask ourselves the question, "Am I in step with the Holy Spirit?" in terms of five specific areas: (1) the Holy Spirit's ultimate goal; (2) the Spirit's priority for individual lives; (3) the Holy Spirit's means of ministry; (4) His context of ministry; (5) the nature of the Spirit's ministry. 
Length 44 mins
Pastor Michael Gowens delivered Part 2 of the message on John 19:25 on Resurrection Sunday, 4/9/17. In this sermon, he talks about Mary of Cleopas and Mary Magdalene, two of the great women of the Bible. These godly women were not only at the crucifixion, but they also experienced post-resurrection encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. As in the case of Mary, the mother of Jesus, these two Marys also teach us lessons concerning Divine grace.
Length 54 mins
The Worship of Heaven
Isaiah's Experience of Grace
The Three Marys at the Cross (Part 1)
In this 3/19/17 message, Pastor Gowens returns to Isaiah 6 and Isaiah's Vision of the thrice-holy God to notice the effect that such an exalted view of God has on the occupants of heaven. Looking at not only the Isaiah 6 passage but also the five worship scenes of the book of Revelation, Brother Mike urges us to see God "high and lifted up" and to respond in the same way they do in heaven, in authentic worship.
Length 49 mins
Elder Michael Gowens delivered this message on Sunday, 4/9/17. The text is John 19:25-27. Each of the Marys at the crucifixion teach a lesson about God's grace. Mary, Jesus' mother and the focus of this sermon, teaches a lesson concerning "the relationship of grace." In this godly woman, we learn that the relationship formed between a person and the Lord by grace transcends every natural relationship.
Length 47 mins
On March 26, 2017, Michael Gowens completed his mini-series of messages in Isaiah 6 with this sermon on the prophet's "experience of grace." What is a true experience of grace? What does it look like? From this passage, we learn three essential characteristics of a genuine experience of grace.
Length 52 mins
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